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We are a full-service software company specialized in custom web applications. Our clients include businesses wanting to launch new software products, modernize outdated applications or optimize their operations.
We also help clients who need a project rescue.

experienced software development company
20 Years in business
successful software projects
170+ Successful projects
software made in Canada & US
100% Made in Canada & US

Here are a few examples of custom online software we created to help our clients build upon their unique business


Helping startups succeed in difficult markets

Our lean development process transformed a bold idea into a revenue-generating digital business, in just a few months.


Helping startups succeed in difficult markets



Enabling opportunities for large businesses



Enabling opportunities for large businesses

An engaging digital publication and a sales enablement application helped our client's small-surface team to streamline their communication, share customer knowledge, and reach their sales goals.


Empowering growing organizations with efficient solutions

An integrated customer support app helped our client create, manage and support a successful user community for their complex software solution.


Empowering growing organizations with efficient solutions


Full Service. Ongoing Support.

We are a software development company based in Burlington, Ontario. With 17 years of experience, we can design, develop and integrate reliable software applications that support and grow your business. We create custom web apps, data management and reporting tools, API-based modular systems, and integrations for automated workflows.

We use a lean development process to reduce upfront costs and shorten time to market. And we stand by our work with ongoing support and operations management to provide sustainable, long-term results.

Startup or established business?
We can help.

Let's unlock your business potential with a modern software solution that doesn't force you fit a cookie cutter.

Get guidance and support every step of the way. We start with a clear understanding of your vision, customers and your goals. Then we help you prioritize opportunities, reduce risk and evolve fast, from prototyping to launch and growth.

Unlike other things in life, software doesn't age well. If you're bleeding customers to your competitors or your maintenance costs are high, it may be time for a change. Let's start with a gradual transformation to a modern application, realigned with your business needs and goals.

If you're left in a mess with a failed software project and your business is suffering, let us take a look at it. We can quickly get to the root of any problem and make a feasible plan to bring your software application back on track.

Give your business an instant boost by handing off repetitive tasks to software “workers”. We can help you identify the best opportunities for automation, and implement a solution that gets work done faster and eliminates mistakes.

Leave all-or-nothing stakes to your competition

Partner with a software company who understands that being nimble is one of your unique competitive advantages

lean process, agile development

Quick wins

Our flexible process breaks down work into smaller projects that prioritize returns on your software investment, giving you more opportunities to absorb feedback and quickly adjust to changing realities in your business.

proactive maintenance and support

Full support

When stuff happens, you need to trust that somebody is on it right away. We make sure that your application won't skip a beat with proactive maintenance, secure setups and software designed to recover with minimum business disruptions.

software built for growing businesses

Lifetime value

As your business evolves, you need to adapt quickly to customer expectations and evolving technology. Let's do that with a modern system built to grow and change with your needs.

Let's talk.

We can help you:

  • build and launch a new product
  • modernize your legacy software
  • rescue a project in trouble
  • automate data workflows

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