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We are a small software development studio based in Burlington, Canada.
We use lean principles to design, build and launch web applications for ourselves and forward thinking companies around the world.

Here is what we do:


Allowing people to experience your product is the best way to communicate the idea behind it. A functional prototype helps you do that in a matter of weeks, not months. It's the quickest way to collect valuable feedback on user experience and interface design, learn what features to prioritize in order to get the most return on your early investment, and show investors and corporate partners that you are a serious player. Taking a lean approach, we can work with you all the way to iterate through user experience and product details:


  • understanding the MVP
  • competitive research
  • user stories creation
  • brand outline


  • user journeys
  • low-fidelity interface design
  • UI styles


  • complete UI style guide
  • high-fidelity interface design
  • key interaction areas


We're product builders and this is where we bring the most experience and expertise. Our lean and agile approach allows us to navigate any project complexity and bring ideas to life from scratch, or as part of your development team:

Full-stack development

  • scalable and secure software developed in Go (Golang), behind NGINX reverse-proxies;
  • right-tool-for-the-job choice of databases: Redis, Mongo, Postgres;
  • delightful interface design and user experience using maintainable front-end solutions.

Project rescue

  • repairs and replacements for legacy code-bases in PHP or NodeJS;
  • assess and complete or rewrite partially-developed web applications;
  • (re)design, conversion, and data migration for relational and NoSQL databases.

Back-end performance

  • middleware and utilities to coordinate, assist or bypass parts of your web application;
  • data storage optimization, partitioning, and replication;
  • API integration with third-party services.


Nothing lifts a startup more than a coherent message. People pay attention to things that make sense together and tune-out when there is a mismatch between a product idea and its execution. At ALRUX, we use our lean approach to create brands that evolve with your startup, from core-messaging and naming, to identity design and pitch presentations.

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We love the power of a small team - and our clients love it too. It's the fastest way to get high quality deliverables within budgets, efficient communication and projects running smoothly.

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