AUTOMATION & INTEGRATION Empower your business efficiency

DATA EXTRACTION AND PROCESSINGSmoother cooperation with reduced costs and errors

Business cooperation relies on efficient exchange of data. For example, product information updates must propagate promptly through the supply chain.

Still, all too often the data you need from your partners resides in systems that were not designed for automated communication. Having to work with the less-than-ideal sources your partners can offer, such as websites or other electronic documents meant for humans, leads to costly, slow and error-prone manual work.

We can help you with automated tools to extract and process data from these sources, effectively connecting your partner systems into yours.

Bridge technology divides to unlock more opportunities:

  • data extraction robots
  • data processing pipelines
  • data intake and management software
Data Extraction and Processing

Free up valuable man-hours of copy and paste "work"

Let's unlock the true potential of your team


eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies from manual processing

streamline operations and integrate with existing processes

automate data intake from multiple or incompatible sources


Not sure where to start?

Here are a few examples where custom automation and integration can make a big difference in your business:

Centralize employee knowledge

Unify access to disparate information sources like sales documents, client communication, and data from other applications into a single web application.

Automate data intake from other websites

Get bulk information like inventory databases or online catalogues updated on the fly whenever relevant changes are made on providers' websites.

Pre-fill frequent documents

Securely automate creation of documents like sale sheets, custom orders, contracts or reports, using data from your existing systems.

Streamline approval processes

Get your internal projects, marketing campaigns or inventory orders approved faster by automating workflows and simplifying the communication process.

Onboard new employees

Automatically create new accounts, profiles and secure access to older applications without any in-person intervention.

Cleanse your data with minimal human effort

Get rid of irrelevant, duplicate or corrupt data from old or multiple sources with just a few clicks, so you can further use it to automate your business processes.

It's time to start improving your bottom-line

We know automation and integration may sound complex. Let's start one step at a time and see where we can improve the most. Where it makes sense, we can suggest customizing a set of predefined solutions. And when standard platforms are not a good fit, we can develop custom tools and APIs that fully support your systems.

Every small step you'll take gives your business an unprecedented boost:

Make proactive decisions

When we connect your systems and applications, you get instant access to your data, reporting and analytics in one place. This gives you unmatched understanding on how your business performs and where you can make it more efficient.

Increase sales

By automating more of your sales process, you reduce response times with sales staff, contract management or support. You also gain access to more customer data in real time, which enables you to deliver an ongoing personalized experience with your business throughout.

Improve productivity

Paper-driven processes and uncoupled systems are notorious for creating time-intensive and repetitive work. Digitizing all input and integrating information from multiple applications will allow centralizing of important employee knowledge, streamlining of communication and better task management.

Become more resilient

When your data is scattered around disconnected software applications, you are vulnerable to errors and delays in your processes, varying recovery capabilities, and security schemes that are costly or impossible to control. With an integrated system we can automate data backup and recovery, ensure timely consistency of information, and enforce granular access control, so you can avoid mistakes, disruption and loss.

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We can help you:

  • build and launch a new product
  • modernize your legacy software
  • rescue a project in trouble
  • automate data workflows

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