SERVICES | MODERNIZATION & RESCUE New gains from past investments

BUSINESS CONTINUITYUpdated operations and security that prevent data loss and downtime

As painful and costly as it is using that legacy software, your business still depends on it. You can’t just flip a switch to replace it, or you’d have done that already.

Since you will have to rely on your old systems a while longer, let’s make sure it is safe to do so. We’ll review your current setup, from server security to backup automation and disaster recovery. Then, we create a prioritized plan of action focused on preventing data loss and crippling downtime.

Implementing this plan reduces your software’s operational risks, extending its service life. And it is a crucial first step for a safe and efficient modernization process.

Mitigate today's risks with tomorrow's modernization in mind:

  • audit and harden security
  • automate data backup and recovery
  • improve monitoring and incident response
Business Continuity
Legacy Software Modernization

LEGACY SOFTWARE MODERNIZATIONRenewed returns on your past investments and experience

As your business keeps growing, new challenges and demands arise, pushing the limits of what your old software can handle. But that outdated code base contains years of hard-earned wisdom, and that poorly-performing database is probably full of valuable data.

Solutions for modernizing legacy software are as diverse as the business goals that need to be achieved. Converting a monolithic application to a microservices architecture can greatly improve maintainability and operations reliability. Technology stack migrations can mitigate the scarcity of talent with certain skill sets. Or it may be as simple as refactoring certain components to greatly improve the performance of your whole system.

Either way, a rewrite-then-switch approach would create unacceptable risks of project failure and business disruption. Instead, we plan and execute a gradual transformation where new and old work together, methodically shifting the balance until the modernization is complete. This provides safety and stability during the conversion, as your software becomes more and more reliable after each step of the migration.

Realign your legacy software with your business needs and goals:

  • conversion to microservices
  • technology stack migration
  • system refactoring or redesign

PROJECT RESCUEKeep the value, lose the failure

Products can hit a wall for many reasons and it is not always wise or possible to restart from scratch. But in every wreck there is usually a lot of value to be salvaged. Even a new, yet-to-be-launched software that reached a dead end may not be a complete write-off.

Let us take a look and see what is worth keeping and what needs to be done to get your project back on track. We’ll help you find the root causes of the current situation and get a clear picture of the comparative costs and benefits of fixing, rewriting or rethinking your application.

We can put your project back on track to success:

  • find and fix software defects
  • rewrite what is beyond repair
  • rethink flawed solutions
Project Rescue

Ready to unlock more growth potential? Let's make it happen.

We can help you:

  • build and launch a new product
  • modernize your legacy software
  • rescue a project in trouble
  • automate data workflows

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