MODERNIZATION & RESCUE New gains from past investments

BUSINESS CONTINUITYUpdated operations and security that prevent data loss and downtime

As painful and costly as it is using that legacy software, your business still depends on it. You can’t just flip a switch to replace it, or you’d have done that already.

Since you will have to rely on your old systems a while longer, let’s make sure it is safe to do so. We’ll review your current setup, from server security to backup automation and disaster recovery. Then, we create a prioritized plan of action focused on preventing data loss and crippling downtime.

Implementing this plan reduces your software’s operational risks, extending its service life. And it is a crucial first step for a safe and efficient modernization process.

Mitigate today's risks with tomorrow's modernization in mind:

  • audit and harden security
  • automate data backup and recovery
  • improve monitoring and incident response
Business Continuity

Has your old software become a drag on your business?

Let's transform it into a growth enabler


Win more sales
turn old websites into intuitive self-service online apps

Keep customers happy
speed up service delivery with faster and integrated software systems

Prevent business disruptions
eliminate security vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks that bring you down


Start small, gain faster

We are no fans of big software rewrites. They require large upfront commitments and can easily go off the rails, leaving you with even bigger messes to clean up. Instead, we put you in control with a gradual transformation process that doesn't interrupt your business and lets you reap the benefits of a modern system early on:

Solve critical issues first

If your custom legacy software became unstable or turned into a security risk, waiting for months or years to have it rewritten from scratch exposes your business to disruptions and loss of data. Our team will help you quickly secure and fix most urgent aspects of your application while keeping your old systems working.

Reduce risk

When we structure modernization into a series of smaller projects, we avoid hidden costs of major software overhauls. Undocumented features, obscure dependencies and high cost of employee retraining are just a few reasons why from-scratch rewrites can spin out of control. A divide-and-conquer approach lowers the risk of schedule and budget overruns.

Transform at your own pace

A gradual system transformation helps you focus on modernizing features that bring value to those who need it most. Incremental modernization also gives your employees time to adapt to changes without loss of productivity, and creates opportunities to absorb feedback and an improved customer experience overall.

Let's talk.

We can help you:

  • build and launch a new product
  • modernize your legacy software
  • rescue a project in trouble
  • automate data workflows

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