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Our clients range from large companies to local startups.

Mars CanadaBoosting an inside sales team

Mars Canada approached us to help improve the performance of their retail development division. The main goal was to create an engaging program in order to: track KPIs, recognize employee achievement, improve sales tactics, familiarize employees to new products and short releases, and keep track of customer accounts easier.

To make all these happen, we worked together with the Mars team and created two software products under the Acceller8 program - an internal interactive publication and a secure web-based sales software that allows sales reps to monitor KPIs, update data, customer information and account standings and share important documents and best sales practices.

mark development, prototyping, UI development (HTML5, JS, LESS), back-end programming (nginx, PHP, Postgres)

MedgateEngaging a user community

We worked with Medgate, a leader in HSE software, to create their user community software and help them provide customers with an integrated support solution. The result is a comprehensive application that allows the Medgate support team to manage users and admin rights, receive alerts, update versioned documentation, answer customer's questions, and provide seamless experience though SalesForce API integration.

UI design, UI development (JS), back-end programming (nginx, Go, Postgres), API integration

Namicon TestingRevamping a growing business

Namicon is the largest NDT reseller in Eastern Europe and one of our oldest clients. They badly needed a revamp of their old website to reflect their growing business and the fast-paced advancements in NDT technologies.

With hundreds of products offering, one of the biggest challenges was to keep up with the product updates from all their providers in an environment that doesn't make use of APIs. Besides creating a responsive website with a vivid design that contrasts with the industry's standard look, we were able to automate the search for updates and reduce the work from days to minutes.

prototyping, UI development (HTML5, JS, LESS), back-end programming (nginx, Go, PHP, Postgres)

EnthuzrHelping SAAS build around customers

Enthuzr was created as a simple and unified communication tool with customers for marketing, sales, product development and support teams. Designed for apps, it could track user signals, create profiles and trigger communication or alerts when certain condition occur, encouraging relevant messaging for marketing and sales and proactive actions from customer support teams, as well as valuable insights into the app usage.

prototyping, UI development (HTML5, JS, LESS), back-end programming (nginx, Go, mongoDB)

Legacy TrackerSaving life's important documents

LegacyTracker is a startup that helps families organize and track their life and financial documents, through a simple and secure application. It is trying to solve the issue of more than $64 Billion unclaimed assets only in North America, by creating a system where families can track, store and selectively share documents and other information with their members and trusted professionals, like lawyers and accountants.

We worked with the founder to create a family-friendly image with an interface geared towards older users, as well as a minimum viable product for market testing.

branding, prototyping, UI development (JS), back-end programming (nginx, Go, mongoDB)

Other Projects

Grimsby DIABranding a Downtown

branding and identity design

CavacareAdvancing a Rescue Organization

branding and identity design

DonumHelping a Charity Make an Impact

branding and identity design

{case studies coming soon}

What's cookingIn the Lab

Helping Startups Get Better Names

Helping Startups Get Better Names

Great names are great assets. But finding one is an art, and matching it with a .com is nearly impossible.

That's why we created NameReel, an expert naming service hand-crafted to help more startups engage customers, attract VCs and get more credibility with a great name and matching .com.

Expanding on the Go Libraries

Expanding on the Go Libraries

Writing boilerplate code is no fun. And when you have to write it more than once, you know it's time to tuck it away in a package.

We did just that over the years, and now we are putting it all together in an open-source library. Hopefully, it will save some developer's time and sanity, as we'd like to think it did for us :)

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